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SSC 2018 Ball Boy Program

By Tanya Sussman, 07/16/18, 8:30PM EDT


SSC Families,


For those families new to SSC we wanted to familiarize you all with our Ball Boy Program for the Solon Boys High School Soccer Games. Returning families the program will function similarly to last year. The high school teams have 2 home scrimmages early August and the 1st official high school game is Friday August 17th - which is also SSC Night. So we would like to get ball boys assigned for the scrimmages and the 1st home game ASAP. 



Solon Soccer Club provides the Solon High School Comet home games with ball boys. Boys from U9 (2010)-U15 (2004) will be required to ball boy for at least one game during the Fall season. Our youngest players (U8) are not required to ball boy, but are welcome to come and watch the high school games. 

This program is a lot of fun for the boys and a great learning experience for them. We want to remind all parents that it is MANDATORY for SSC boys and is not optional. We expect every player from U9-U15 to participate. If you do not sign your son up to ball boy, he will be randomly placed to ball boy a game and you will be responsible for finding a replacement if he cannot fulfill that requirement. Teams/age groups have been assigned specific games and most teams have 2-3 days to choose from. If your son cannot make a day his team/age group has been assigned he is welcome to fill in for another day. This gives our families a little flexibility so all boys can participate and ball boy at least once. The only boys that can ball boy Varsity games are boys from the U12 Blue team, U13 and U15 teams. All other teams will need to ball boy JV games. So please make sure if your son is on one of the younger teams you sign him for the JV games only.

We also have a great tradition at Comet home games that we started in 2017, where the boys not only will be ball boys, but when we announce the starting line up for the varsity game, we will have our SSC players walk on with each of our varsity starters. If you have watched professional soccer games they do this and we have seen other high school communities follow this tradition as well. It is a great way to connect our youth players to the high school team. This was very successful last year and the boys loved walking on with the high school players - most of who were once SSC players just like your boys are now.

We will continue this tradition in 2018, with one slight change. All JV and Varsity ball boys for each home game will walk on with our varsity starters as well as ball boy the games. So the teams/age groups assigned to  ball boy for the JV or varsity game will also walk on before the varsity game. JV ball boys will need to stay on after the JV game ends, but can leave after the Varsity game starts or are welcome to stay and watch the Varsity game. Varsity ball boys will need to arrive at least 15-20 minutes before the start of the game and will walk on with the starting line up and then stay to ball boy the game.

We will once again have an online sign up for ball boys. You can link directly to the ball boy sign up sheet by clicking here. Or you can always find a link to the sign up on our web page under the parent, ball boy boy tab. Find the days your son’s team or age group is assigned to ball boy and sign him up at least once. The boys are welcome to ball boy more than once if they would like. Debbie Klein is the SSC ball boy co-ordinator - you will receive reminder emails from her a few days before your son is scheduled to ball boy with details and reminders. If your son is not able to ball boy after you have signed him up you are responsible for finding a replacement from another player on your team or age group.


If you have any questions about the SCC/Comets Ball Program, please contact Debbie Klein at or me.


Thank you
Tanya Sussman
Solon Soccer Club.